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An Enterprise Loyalty Company

Our services include card rewards, enterprise loyalty, single-use rewards, strategic consulting services, and marketing services, all through the lens of behavioral science. Our clients achieve a solution to drive loyalty across multiple products and services within their credit union, bank, and wealth management company.


We offer solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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Since partnering with RAZR Financial, one Financial Institution has seen a 12% increase in account acquisitions.


Type of Redemptions Matter…

An FI partner uncovered cardholders who redeemed for merchandise over cashback had a 175% increase in spending

Another FI partner learned cardholders who redeemed for travel over cashback had a 231% increase in spending

Frequency of Redemptions Matter…

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On average, cardholders who redeem just one time had an increased spend of 189% over non-redeemers

And cardholders who redeemed 3x had an increased spend of 221% over non-redeemers

Enterprise Loyalty Leads to Real Results

  • 81%

    of consumers want to form a relationship with a brand* when your customers are truly engaged, the financial benefits are real.

  • 95%

    growth in revenues and 67% more spent by loyal customers generated with a 5% increase customer retention.

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Our Clients

We serve hundreds of banks and credit unions in the financial industry, including Fortune 100 and 200 companies. RAZR Financial’s client list also includes Fortune 100 retail clients and leading healthcare companies, where we enable innovative solutions across divisions for the benefit of all.

Behavioral Science on a Deeper Level

Utilizing behavioral science to build rewards platforms that fosters true loyalty. Customizable user flows, empowering messaging, and compelling design incentivize members to take action, advance their status, and receive better rewards options. The result is deeper member engagement and lasting loyalty.

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