Transitioning a Credit Card Rewards Program To a Comprehensive Loyalty Program

Is your bank or credit union ready to transition from a traditional credit card rewards program to a comprehensive loyalty program? Moving from commoditized credit card rewards to a true partnership program may be the solution your financial institution has been looking for.


Is your financial institution ready to transition?

If your organization’s current program meets the following criteria, you have likely outgrown your processor’s program. You are no longer looking for a credit card rewards program, you are looking for a loyalty and engagement partner.

  • More than $1B Assets Under Management (AUM)

    More than $1B Assets Under Management (AUM)

  • More than 100,000 members

    More than
    100,000 members

  • More than 10,000 cards

    More than 10,000 cards

Sound like your program? Consider the benefits of making the switch.

Seamless Transitions from Processor to Processor

Rewards programs should have the flexibility to move with your organization from processor to processor. If you are thinking of building beyond a credit card rewards program and looking for larger loyalty and engagement, consider building a program that is custom designed for your institution.

A customized program avoids burnout and allows your organization to reach bigger goals. Your program should have the capacity to gather large amounts of data from across the organization, apply rules to the path, and incentivize the right behavior. (Basis points of a mortgage, e.g.)

Using a comprehensive strategy to create a data-agnostic program makes the switch from processor to processor a seamless transition.


Solutions that Grow with Your Financial Institution

Processor programs have a place and purpose. However, once financial institutions reach a certain size, “in-the-box” programs can feel limiting. It’s at this point that financial institutions look to companies whose focus is engagement and building world-class loyalty and rewards programs.

solutions that grow your financial institution

Larger-scale programs offer more elaborate and timely promotion practices. Further, ideal programs are agile and come without huge price tags. Rules can and should be written around a desired promotion. Our solution? Upgrade your program to a rules-based streamlined platform.


Superior Member Experience

A top-of-the-line member experience should be a priority. Personalization and flexibility are key to building a program that works for your members.


Real engagement is looking at the larger picture and the member as a whole.

  • Who are your members?
  • What is acquisition?
  • What do you want members to do (buyer journey)?
  • What are the milestones of interaction?
  • How do you incentivize members throughout their journey?


Superior Member Experience


Rewards programs should supplement your brand. Ask yourself whether your program feels like an extension of your institution’s website. Consider how seamless the experience is for users.

Work with a partner company that will enhance member experience. This company should offer consistent communication, be fully plugged in, and provide transparency for members to see their points and how they are scoring. They should work with you to make changes to your website, without nickel-and-diming.


Strong Reporting CapabilitiesStrong reporting Capabilities

Knowing and understanding results is key to a successful program. Reporting should be available when you need it, with comprehensive insights, and little turnover.

Strong reporting should have updated data within 24 hours, visualized into graphs and charts. Further, data should be quarterly on a quarterly basis, diving into a critical analysis of the data and trends.


The Bottom-Line

Processors programs aren’t unlocking your full potential. Moving to a true loyalty program is a partnership program.


RAZR Financial Solutions

At RAZR Financial™, we build long term engagements with configurable decision-making technology. By building a loyalty platform, we can help you build beyond a credit card rewards program and create a true partnership program. Learn more about RAZR Financial™ Services and our Fibonacci tech solutions.

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